Finland is a northern European country, its neighboring nations are Russia, Sweden, and Norway, it is moreover considered as the eight biggest nations in the continent of Europe. “Suomi” is the Finnish phrase for Finland. It is a country that has tons of lakes and it has more forests and water bodies than any other country in Europe.

Many people around the globe consider Finland as the best place for winter and most likely the best place for skiing. Tourists travel to Finland to hunt the Northern Lights since they are actually evident in the northernmost portion of the nation which is Lapland.

The Finnish culture has blended impacts from other European nations and travelers, and it is truly noticeable through their celebration of various festivals.

What is Finland famous for?

Finland is well-known for its winter activities and it is the best place for the hunting the Northern lights which are also known as Aurora Borealis. The country is famous for its saunas which are present in every other street of cities, and also the country is occupied with thousands of lakes which are equipped with lakeside cottages around the country where tourists can rest and the make the most of Finland’s trip.


Winter is the most anticipated season for some visitors, the people who visit Finland during this time are the ones whose main motive is to enjoy the winter activities that the country offers, skiing and snowboarding are the most popular activities throughout the winter season among the tourists, and some are likewise chasing for the Northern Lights. Winter in Finland is between the time of December & March and it is the best time to experience the Northern Lights. And it would also be an excellent choice to visit the well-known saunas of the country and a few people say that there are a greater number of saunas than cars in Finland.

• December

Literally speaking Christmas time is enchanted in Finland, going for a trip to Finland and particularly Lapland, during the Christmas season is a blessing from heaven for many, and it is really delightful. The preparations per se decorations, done by the people of Lapland is just miraculous, Christmas markets, real Santa Claus, snow, and the Northern Lights all together make a winter wonderland. The main drawback is that with such a large number of other individuals having the same thought of visiting Lapland in this time resulting, hotels and resorts in Lapland turn out to be very crowded and more costly during this time as the demand increases.

I would like to give you a clever travel tip for Lapland; having a trip planned and visiting in early December before the school holidays of your wards is the best way to avoid the huge crowd of people, and also you can celebrate Independence Day on 6th December.

• January

January is one of the most breezy and gusty months of the year. Indeed it’s freezing winter everywhere. Helsinki the capital of Finland averages at around 40°F (5°C).

The main motive of most people around the globe to travel to Lapland is to see the Northern Lights. The sky is as yet sufficiently dark for clear and dazzling perspectives of the Northern lights, and the snow is also present in abundance to draw full joy from other Lappish activities, for example, riding in a reindeer sled or skiing. It’s an ideal time to see Auroras in Lapland and appreciate the winter wonderland.

• February

While the winter days aren’t exactly as short, the whole country has already been covered in snow and ice, and getting around from one place to another is very difficult. However, these conditions nearly make visiting Finland in February a soul-changing experience. Finns make the most of their wintertime – skiing, skating, winter biking, sledding with a lot of hot chocolate because February is the time of best snow conditions, so try out Nordic skating, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling or any other winter sports.

• March

In the North, the Aurora chasing season is arriving at an end. This time of year is literally the most suitable month to spot them. The daytime starts to feel long as compared to the last month, yet the temperature still remains very cold.

Talking about South, March, for the most part, offers a lovely open-air winter climate with a lot of daylight. It is the last opportunity to see appropriate winter in the south.


Spring season in Finland lies between the months April & May, this season brings soothing warmer conditions to the people of Finland yet it also depends upon which parts of the nation individuals are staying, for the northern part visitors can still do some winter activities like skiing while in southern part the temperature goes warmer and warmer. Since birds are migrating back to the north during spring, bird watching can be a great idea for the tourists during this time.

• April

Spring can be extremely unique in different parts of Finland. While flowers start to bloom in the south, the north is still in the frigid cold of winter. This is most likely what makes Easter such a serene holiday in Finland.

The ideal winter climate in Lapland as there’s generally a lot of daylight and an incredible amount of snow. You should consider visiting Lapland during this time if you wish to do winter activities in the wild.

In the south, April isn’t so excited about the climate, as it is the late-winter. Snow dissolves during April, yet you can’t see any sort of greenery there.

• May

1st of May is Labour Day in Finland and with the weather at last clearing up, most local people utilize their additional day to rest, go out for a walk or they plan a picnic outside. In conclusions, it is an incredible month to see Finland in its greenery. It is a perfect time to lease a cottage before demand increases.

Frozen lake starts to melt and splits apart everywhere in Finland excepting the north portion of the country. When the temperature starts rising everything is blooming and greenery is starting appearing in just a couple of weeks. May is indeed a miraculous month in Finland.


Summer season is the most excellent time for swimming and tries having a cottage life experience in Finland, take my words its bliss and remain close to the freshwater lakes and shorelines that the country has. Summer season in Finland lies between the months June & August.

Since the cool climate in Finland is very long, Finns truly enjoy the summer season by going outside, having picnic time with their family and friends so they can absorb and enjoy the sunlight to the fullest. Summertime is also known of hundreds of festivals and local events all around the country.

• June

June climate resembles throwing dices. It tends to be incredibly warm, hazy or very cold. You just never know what it will be.

What is sure is that the evenings are astounding and brimming with light. Lapland has the Midnight Sun. There the sun doesn’t go down at all for a specific time.

With the sun at last out, most people of Finland not miss the opportunity to take their extremely anticipated summer vacations in June.

Have a visit this season. In the north, appreciate the cold spring transforming into full summer. Rejoice the Midsummer with us.

• July

July is typically the warmest time of the year. It’s when basically all Finns are on vacation and feeling the chattiest.

This is when summer genuinely starts in Finland and the whole country people becomes active for a month with an ecstatic vision of celebration to exploit the short window of warmth and daylight, with celebrations and extraordinary occasions here and there. You can also expect a heat wave during this month; however, the impacts of environmental change can cause sudden and unforeseen heavy rainfall, as well.

Generally, in the south, the temperature fluctuates between 62-75°F (16-24°C).

July is delightful also in Lapland. But problem though is that mosquitoes can make your living hell, so be prepared with some mosquitoes repellent or whatever, which can get rid of them.

• August

August is generally when kids return to school and summer vacations end in Finland as the temperature drops more quickly, which means most of the tourist attractions close. The climate is still for the most part fine, particularly in the south. The numbers of visitors are less which implies cheaper hotel rates and holiday chalets. It is the best time to go out for the shopping since most of the stores are having their stock clearance sales to make space for the Christmas stock.

I was shocked to see the climate statistics of Finland, and I found out that August is the wettest month of the year. In my opinion, August is an incredible month to visit both south and north of Finland. I have seen people planning hiking trips to Lapland and their reactions where heavenly.

In conclusion, during this time, Lapland is off-season so there are great offering prices for hotels and other accommodation facilities.


Autumn season in Finland is when people start appreciating soothing colorful landscapes of forests of the country. Autumn season in Finland lies between the months September & November, this season is just incredible for cycling and hiking. Visitors also admire the true form of autumn in Finland, the amazing explosions of colors during this season is just irresistible.

• September

Finland’s autumn season is short yet extremely underrated. The climate is cold and wet. The town’s atmosphere could be a little dark and hazy, but for the most part, you can take beautiful pictures if you want to document your trip and want to save some memories. You can clearly watch the birds migrating above your head, back to the south or enjoy some indoor activities and spend some quality time with your family. At the same time at Lapland, the Northern lights begin again, especially around the autumn equinox on 21st of September, but the cloudy weather makes them difficult to spot.

During this time temperatures are around the 50s. Mornings are cold yet evenings very warm. The atmosphere of the country is full of positive vibes and energy, another best month to visit to visit Finland.

• October

October month is the extremely chaotic time in Finland. The temperature in the north drops down to zero, while south Finland still has autumn leaves and sort of warm temperature during the daytime. The days also became considerably shorter and only a few of the tourist spots are open for the visitors. Halloween is quite popular here in Finland as All Saints Day is practiced instead by lighting candles on the graves of the loved ones. Nevertheless, some people do follow the “Americanized” version of Halloween by wearing a costume, attending themed parties or watching scary movies together with friends which are great on a dark autumn night in Finland.

Aurora Borealis season begins in Lapland! First snowfall takes place, at the most northern parts of Finland.

So, in October there are incredible odds of seeing Auroras in the north. Cool autumn in the south. Keep in mind October time is not so popular among the tourists, so you can get great deals on lodgings and flights.

• November

The Finnish winter truly kicks in again around this time, with unimaginably cold, foggy and frigid weather with a more prominent chance of slipping over on the ice.

It’s the best time to plan for the Lapland visit, for your first glimpse of the Northern lights, and it is also the most suitable time for shopping at the Christmas markets ahead of the winter tourism season starts before their prices rise up to the peak.

During this time, the southern and middle Finland is quite dark and wet. Up north, winter starts. Great conditions to spot Northern Lights! The much awaited season begins next month so there aren’t many sightseers.