1. Malla Nature Reserve, Enontekiö

The oldest nature reserve in Finland, the 30 square kilometer fully protected Malla nature reserve in Enontekiö is a beautiful hiking destination all around the year, but during the Autumn time the bursting colors take the views to another level. There´s an 11km hiking trail running across the area, reaching the point where the borders of Finland, Sweden and Norway meet. Couple of natural highlights in the area are the Kitsiputous waterfall known as “the tears of Malla” and the Pikku- Malla fell that reaches up to 738 meters above sea level and offers stunning views to the fjells in Sweden and all the way to the Saana fell in Kilpisjärvi too.

2. Urho Kekkonen National Park.

UKK National Park offers plenty to see, but to get a taste of this vast wilderness area a good place to start is near Kiilopää or Kaunispää fells in Saariselkä, as from here you can easily hit the trails and head on a day trip that suits you best and possibly come back to stay in hotel/cabin nearby. The views are vast and amazing here right from the start!

3. Lemmenjoki National Park by boat

The heart of this largest National Park in Finland can be reached by a boat and a trip on this untamed wilderness river running across the rugged northern landscape sure is a thing to remember. The views vary from high fells to pine woods and deciduous forests and you can jump off where ever you like along the way, depending on where you want to go and what kind of walking distance you have in mind for example. One nice spot to jump off is the Ravadasköngäs waterfall.

4. Pyhä-Luosto National Park and the Finland´s deepest canyon

At Pyhä-Luosto there´s several nice daytrips to do and if you don´t mind the ups and downs, climb on top the Noitatunturi fell and descent down to the deepest canyon in Finland, the 220 meter deep Isokuru canyon. If you´re into a more flat terrain, head towards Tunturiaapa. This area is very versatile as the views alternate from dense old forests to high fells and from harsh rocky terrain to open aapa mires surrounding the fells to the south and west.

5. Pallas-Ylläs National Park

Take a deep breath as you are breathing the cleanest air on the planet, according to some study at least. The network of 350 km of marked summer trails, amongst them the Hetta-Pallas trail which is the oldest officially marked trail in Finland, offers plenty of options to plan a trip that suits you best, whether it´s a multiday adventure or a gentle afternoon stroll you are after. Wonderful area to reach the spirit and magic of what Lapland is all about.

6. Liminganlahti and the autumn migration

Liminganlahti is one the top spots in the whole world actually to witness and follow the migration of thousands of birds. A large variety of species past this place and the area itself is easy to reach as this big bay in the Bay of Bothnia is situated near the city of Oulu. Built structures for bird watching and the nice visitor centre with plenty of information about the nature and birds of course make this is place worth a visit.

7. Torronsuo National Park

Situated only one hours´ drive away from Helsinki is an area where duckboards lead the walker over vast open swamps and mires, the Torronsuo National Park. Mires and peat bogs are magical places all around the year but the restful Autumn time with its bright colors bring an added twist. Here you can find some bitter cranberries to pick and see big flocks of birds on their way to warmer places for the winter.

8. Etelä-Konnevesi National Park

The Kalajan kierros hiking trail in the Etelä-Konnevesi National Park is a nice trail to get to know the essence of what “the middle parts” of Finland are all about. Many endangered species have found refuge in the protected old-growth forests here and the sceneries offer variation from forests to rugged cliffs and from lakes to small ridges.

9. Sipoonkorpi National Park

Sipoonkorpi is another wonderful place to visit if you want to escape the hectic capital area and it can be reached by public transport too. Head on a mushroom hunt or just enjoy the beauty of nature by walking through the forest and allow the rejuvenating effects of natural surroundings do their work. The fact that there´s an area like this so close to the city makes it a true gem!