1. Fell therapy in Nuorgam

Location far up north in Finnish Lapland makes Nuorgam a place where vast open landscapes and minimalistic natural beauty embrace each other in a very special way. Best way to explore the surroundings is to head on the trails by foot or by mountain bike, depending on whether you are more into sports and active stuff or just prefer gentle hikes, focusing on the views and photography for example. The conditions can be harsh and change very fast, so the locals say that there´s actually eight different seasons in Nuorgam instead of four. Aurora season is on from Autumn onwards when the nights get dark enough for this magical phenomena to become visible.

2. Spent the night in a glass igloo

Speaking of Northern Lights; how about sleeping in a glass igloo and watching the night sky from a cozy bed? Well that´s possible in several places around Lapland nowadays as “Aurora watching” has become more popular. Actually witnessing the lights yourself depends on the solar winds and the weather conditions of course, so a little luck is required. You can improve the probability by extending your stay or by heading further up north because the closer to the magnetic north pole you go, the better are the chances for an amazing light show. Glass igloos can be found for example in Kemi, Kuusamo, Saariselkä and Rovaniemi.

3. Active holiday in Kalajoki

In the region of northern Ostrobothnia you find the charming small coastal town of Kalajoki and its long sandy beaches that invite you to walk or bike across the dunes. There´s a very special atmosphere here as the contrast to many other parts of the densely-forested Finland is huge; there´s not too many sandy beaches to explore, not to mention ones that extend as far as the eye can see. This is a very unique area that is definitely worth a visit.

4. Salpausselkä Geopark

The most known geological complex in Finland is the Salpausselkä Geopark, located in the Päijät-Häme region. This area has beautiful and photogenic viewpoints, nature trails, rugged cliffs and steep ridges and has something for everyone, no matter if you have special interest towards geology or not.

5. Yyteri

If ever travelling in the Satakunta region, stop by at Yyteri. The area is known for its sandy beaches but there´s a whole lot of other things to do and explore. Buy a ticket to the climbing park Huikee for example and challenge yourself on the tricky trails that suit the whole family, then head on to the Virkistyskylpylä Yyteri Spa to enjoy the different saunas, swimming and maybe some relaxing treatment or a massage. Wonderful place and a wonderful way to spend a day or two!

6. The Haltia visitor centre

Nearby the hectic metropolitan area of Helsinki there´s a true little gem to escape and learn about Finnish nature; the Haltia visitor centre. Located in Espoo, this place has changing exhibitions where you can see and learn about Finland´s diverse nature & wildlife, the changing seasons and about species adapted to a life in the extreme. From the visitor centre there´s a trail leading to the Nuuksio Reindeer Park, so it´s nice to combine a little meet & greet with the reindeer to your visit.

7. Coastal trail route

If you into islands and the sea, you can´t miss the 230km long coastal trail route running across the most beautiful parts of Finland´s coasts, including the municipalities of Kemiönsaari, Hanko and Raasepori. Definite highlights of the trail are the charming little villages, historical industrial sites, the sea of course and the picturesque inland lakes. Do the whole thing or cover only some part of it, one that suits your interests/needs the best and eat in restaurants and sleep in B&B places or cook your own food and stay in a tent, up to you!

8. Utö

At the southernmost corner in the Finnish Archipelago is the island of Utö; perfect refuge for someone looking for a little escape in a very special setting. The island used to serve as a military base and there´s still some historical barracks where you can even spent the night if you wish. Besides the national defense history the island is known for its harsh but beautiful nature, bird watching and the red and white lighthouse that truly stands out in this environment middle of the sea.

Photo by Max van den Oetelaar on Unsplash