1. The Kiikunlähde –spring, Hollola

This natural spring is a truly magical place and it´s hard to believe the deep turquoise color of the water without seeing it yourself. The sheer size of it makes an impression as it over 400 meters long and over 100 meters wide in its widest point. The spring is a discharge point of one of the biggest groundwater reservoirs in Southern Finland so due to the constant flow it doesn´t fully freeze even in the winter time. This place is very easy to visit because there´s only a 300m walk from the parking lot but it´s situated on private property so pay respect and stick to the marked trails and follow the signs.

2. The cave of Högberget, Kirkkonummi

Hiding amongst the rocks of the Kirkkonummi area is a cave that looks rather normal from a far but when you arrive at the entrance, you instantly pay attention to the unique shape of it reminding a drop of water or the female genitalia, depending on the perspective. The place has most probably served as ritual / sacrificial site for the ancient people, just as any other special looking natural formation that catches the eye or holds certain energy to it. The cave itself is about 6.5 meters long, 2 meters high and one meter wide and definitely worth a visit if you ever travelling in the area.

3. The Paavola Oak, Lohja

Probably the most known tree in whole Finland is the massive “Paavolan tammi” in Lohja. Its circumference is an amazing 667 cm in total, but the fact that truly makes it to step out is its special location in the middle of a dense spruce-dominated forest. The tree is estimated to be up to 400 years old and it is protected so please do pay respect if you ever happen to stop by and see it for yourself.

4. Lake Neitokainen , Kittilä

This 116 meters long articifial lake located in Kittilä was made in 1991 and is a copy of how Finland looks from above; just like a maiden holding her right arm up. On the ground level you can´t recognize the shape but from an airplane or by drone you can easily see the similarity. They say Finnish people are crazy in a harmless way and this place is a perfect example of that as it sure has required tremendous effort to make the whole thing.

5. The Devil´s Church, Koli

Quite often in Finland these kind of cracks and caves are named as “the Devils Chruch” (probably because related to the dark underground and the successful spreading of Christian beliefs) and there´s many with the same name all around the country, but this one sure stands out just because of the size of it; its Z-shaped and narrow so this is not for the faint hearted, but if you have the guts you can head inside and cover quite a lot of distance underground before it gets too claustrophobic. Intriguing place to visit and not that far from the Ukko-Koli rocks, from where opens up the well known “national landscape” over Lake Pielinen.

6. Julma-Ölkky canyon, Hossa

This beautiful canyon lake in Hossa National Park, on the border of the Suomussalmi and Kuusamo municipalities, is an extraordinary natural formation that was formed 2 billion years ago when the surface of our beloved planet was still going through some serious changes. The 50 meter high vertical cliffs offer awe-inspiring views and really make your imagination fly and think of the early hunter-gathering people whose rock art has been found here and why they considered this place to be holy and hold power to them. You can join a boat ride and see it from the water level or do a 10 km walk around the whole canyon but be warned; the terrain is rough and requires a certain level of physical fitness.