1. Meiko nature reserve, Kirkkonummi

In this protected lake plateau area located on the north-western side of Kirkkonummi, you will find several easy trails suitable for nice little day trips even with small children. Trails like Kuikankierros (3,2km), Kotokierros (4,4km) and Meikonkierros (8,3km) offer beautiful views from small lakes to pine-forests to a more rocky terrain, reminding the natural environment of the more popular Nuuksio area.

2. Teijo National Park, Salo

Teijo National Park is located in the Perniö area of Salo municipality and it offers trails not only for hikers but for mountain bikers too. Pleasant parts of the area are for example the Matildanjärven kierros –trail (5,5km) and the Sahajärven kierros –trail (8,8km), both of which can be combined to other trails too and so create a loop of even up to 40km in total. Nearby there is the traditional and charming ironworks village of Mathildedal with bunch of hotels, restaurants and cafeterias – very idyllic area and definitely worth a visit.

3. Repovesi National Park, Kouvola/Mäntyharju

Extending to the areas of both municipalities Kouvola and Mäntyharju, Repovesi National Park is a stunningly beautiful area only a few hours´ drive north-east from Helsinki. The Korpinkierros –trail (4,5km) offers the best viewpoints / sceneries in the area but the Ketunlenkki –trail (6 km) is probably the most popular one to do. The rugged cliffs of Olhavanvuori are one of the absolute highlights in the area and they are actually one of the most popular spots for rock-climbing in Finland.

4. Koli National Park, Lieksa

The highest peak in Koli is 347 meters above sea level and the area is located in Lieksa, in the province of North-Karelia. You can reach the starting point of the shorter trails by car or by lift, the easy-going Huippujen kierros -trail (1,4km) offering the most beautiful views. If you had to name one “national landscape” from Finland, it would most probably be the astonishing view from Ukko-Koli hill over Lake Pielinen. If you are up for a real challenge, start climbing up from the Koli harbor and do a 4,2 km round trip to the top from there, this is not for the faint-hearted as the trail is very steep and requires good physical fitness.

5. Urho Kekkonen National Park, Saariselkä

Year after year, UKK National Park is one the most visited National Parks in Finland and for a good reason. It´s very easy to reach, it offers something for everyone and the views are stunning right from the start. One of the easiest trails, the Kiirunapolku –trail (6km) leads all the way to the top of the Kiilopää fell and the sceneries that open up from there are truly impressive and capture the essence of what true Lapland is all about.

6. Rokua National Park, Vaala/Muhos/Utajärvi

The Rokua National Park lies within the municipalities of Vaala, Muhos and Utajärvi in the Northern Ostrobothnia region of Finland and it is one of those hidden gems that not too many people know about. The area is also a UNESCO global geopark and a good and easy way to get to know this beautiful place is to head on the Pookin polku –trail (6km). One characteristic that really stands out from any other areas is the amount of lichen growing on the forest floor. This is due to the lack of animals that use it as a food source, especially reindeer that just love it.