1. Arctic Snowhotel & Glass Igloos, Rovaniemi

This hotel is truly unique as it is sculpted completely out of snow and ice and it is also made to look different every year. The walls inside the rooms and the furniture are covered in ice- and light-art creating an atmosphere like no other. As you might have guessed already, it´s pretty cold inside, no more than +5 degrees Celsius at most but a good quality winter sleeping bag is provided for each person to ensure a comfortable night. It´s even possible to get married inside the hotel as there is a chapel made for the purpose! Wedding day doesn´t get much more memorable than this.

2. Hotel Iso-Syöte, Pudasjärvi

Hotel Iso-Syöte and especially its Kotkanpesä (the Eagle´s nest) suite is well known as a great destination for a little romantic retreat and has even received some international recognition for it. What makes this 55 square meter suite truly unique is the location on top of a hill from where you have stunning views to the surrounding nature and up at the night sky. Besides the wonderful location the room has two floors, a hot tub, sauna, fireplace and a round shaped king size bed so pretty much all the comforts you could wish for.

3. The Vanajanlinna manor, Hämeenlinna

The Vanajanlinna mansion is known especially as a place to arrange weddings but it´s a wonderful spot for a little romantic weekend escape too. Doctor Carl Wilhelm Rosenlew bought the place in 1918, constructions started a year later and the original plan was to build an elitist hunting mansion as there was over 500 hectares of land around with free hunting rights for different game. The surroundings and the setting is very beautiful and all the rooms have been decorated respecting the good old times, so if old-fashioned glamour is your thing, this is a place for you.

4. The Haikonkartano manor, Porvoo

This is another traditional wedding-type mansion accommodation on the list, offering glamour and luxury even for the most demanding of tastes. The history of this mansion dates back to 1400th century and it is the oldest mansion type –accommodatio in Finland. What separates Haikonkartano from other similar places, is the wonderful spa that brings a nice little extra comfort to your visit.

5. Hotel Havsvidden, Åland

If your notion of romance includes roaring waves, blowing winds and rugged landscapes by the sea, then hotel Havsvidden is the perfect place for you. At this charming hotel, surrounded by granite rocks, you can stay in a more traditional type hotel room, book a cozy cabin that brings a little extra privacy or decide to stay in the “house of suites” Sviittitalo, where the rooms have spacious balconies facing the sea, offering a wonderful setting to admire the ever changing views over the ocean.