1. Kaamasentie road

The kaamasentie road that runs 192 km across the head of “the Finnish maiden” from Karigasniemi to Näätämö offers amazing views and gives you a glimpse what the magic of Finnish Lapland is all about. Both the start and finish of this road are on the Norwegian border.

2. Taikayöntie road

The “magical night´s road” in Finnish, the taikayöntie regional road number 230 starts in Urjala and goes via Punkalaidun to Huittinen. Highlights along the road are the beautiful rural and river landscapes. The road is named after a song made by the famous Finnish singer & songwriter Mr. Martti Innanen.

3. Saaristokatu road

The street of saaristokatu connects the city center of Kuopio to the suburb / neighborhood of saaristokaupunki. This road was opened in 2018 and the views over lake Kallavesi from the several bridges and along the shores are simply stunning; so wonderful that views like this can be found right next to a major city.

4. Kantatie 62 road

This 141 km road runs from Mikkeli to Imatra via Anttola, Puumala and Ruokolahti and it is a rather narrow and winding at times so a little caution is required. But going slowly is rewarded with amazing views over Lake Saimaa and its hundreds of pristine islands.

5. Järsöntie road

The Järsöntie road is located in Åland (Ahvenanmaa in Finnish) and it runs south from Mariehamn. This road paved with red asphalt zigzags through beautiful archipelago landscapes and one definite highlight along the way is the Nåtö nature reserve, a habitat that is the richest in species in whole Åland.

Photo by Taneli Lahtinen on Unsplash